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Company: Corpus Christi Housing Authority
Job Title: Corrosion/Line Locator Tech

Position Summary:

Org Marketing Statement

We welcome and appreciate your interest in employment with the City of Corpus Christi. We are an equal opportunity employer; no information obtained during the recruitment/selection process is intended for any discriminatory purposes.

Pay, Benefits, & Work Schedule

Grade: 107

Salary: $656.35 - $2,234.26 biweekly

Department: Gas


ATTENDANCE REQUIRED FOR THIS POSITION ARE AS FOLLOWS: Non rotating schedule Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 24/7 Facility requiring overtime as needed.


This is a combination assignment of both Corrosion Control and Utility Line Locator duties. As a Corrosion Control Technician, performs essential duties of a Corrosion Control Technician in the Gas Division. Under minimum supervision, has responsibility for preliminary surveys, installations, testing, and maintenance of sacrificial anodes and rectifier units used in the gas distribution system. Using a multimeter takes electrical readings of potential and current of anodes including potential between pipe to soil. Trouble shoots circuits. Locates gas lines for contractors and other parties. Performs office work by documenting anode readings drawing circuit sketches, etc. Makes repairs on electronic instruments and tools.

As a Utility Line Locator, you are responsible for timely response to line location requests issued from the One Call Center and assigned through the Gas Departments Computer based work order system "Korr Terra Mobile". Use of duel frequency radio detection device, probe and metal detectors to locate and mark underground gay facilities. Accurately locates and marks existing Gas Department mains and services in a timely manner by utilizing pipeline locating equipment. Occasionally, may have to dig to locate valve boxes or lead wires covered by dirt/debris in order to do markings. Documents and records essential information related to areas involved in the locating of gas mains and services. Reads and studies City Gas Department map books to help determine approximate location of pipelines to be serviced and updates maps as needed. Research as-built drawings, Gas Department map books, and electronic maps to verify gas facility locations in the field, obtain dimensions from plats to determine gas line locations. Identify areas of high excavation activity, maintaining markings, inspect for unreported damages or threats to City facilities, and report findings to the Gas Department dispatch office. Meets with contractors, City Work crews, builders, developers and the general public, as necessary to discuss the location of City Gas Department gas mains and services. Duties of this position necessitate driving to sites within the City and working the majority of the time in the field.

Assist in lighting appliances during winter months and takes readings of anodes and cathodic protection circuits during off-peak periods of line locating.

This position is assigned to a Skill-Based Pay System that rewards continuous learning of increasingly complex skills required to maintain the operations and daily needs of the Gas Department. Pay advancement is based upon established learning criteria and proving proficiency in structural skill sets. Skills are obtained through on-the-job training, supplemented with occasional classroom environment training. Employee shall prove proficiency skills as required in the Skill Certification Manual, which is available for viewing in the City of Corpus Christi's Human Resources Department or at the office of the Gas Department's Skill Base Pay Coordinator. The utilization of safety equipment purchased by the City may be required for this position.

Apprentice Zone 1

Basic knowledge of construction trades, ability to use MSDS sheets; basic understanding of Gas Construction tools and powered equipment. Operate tools and equipment to excavate and backfill trenches and installation of mains and services; perform preventive maintenance on tools and equipment; basic computer input skills; obtain Texas Commercial Driver's License (CDL-A); occasionally lead crews in some of the functions.

Journeyman Zone 2

Assist team leader while doing construction work orders, repairs, maintenance; collect complete legible and accurate information for reports; investigate system problems and make recommendations to team leader and/or Work Coordinator for corrections; extensive customer/citizen interface at work sites; train apprentice employees via OJT.

Expert Zone 3

Lead crew and supervise daily field operations, perform administrative and employee management duties; approve and track work orders; troubleshoot operation and maintenance problems; specific understanding of FLSA regulations; participate in system planning and analysis; train Apprentice and Journeyman employees via OJT.


Work requires knowledge necessary to understand basic operational, technical, or office processes. Level of knowledge equivalent to four (4) years of high school or equivalent and one (1) year of related work experience. Must have a valid driver's license at the time of application and the time of hire.

Basis of Rating

Panel interview.

Closing Statement

Selected applicants must be able to pass a background investigation and a pre-employment drug test.

Any position that lists a minimum qualification for education level and/or license/certification will require the applicant to provide proof of documentation if selected for hire into the position with the City of Corpus Christi.

In the event of an emergency, employees are required to work to provide for the safety and well-being of the general public, including the delivery and restoration of vital services.

This position is classified as "Safety Sensitive". All employees in safety sensitive positions are subject to random drug testing, pursuant to City policy, HR 15.0 Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Job opening will close on:

May 16, 2012



Safe Job Search Tips: NEVER give your bank account information, credit card or social security number to a prospective employer. Do not accept any offers to cash checks or wire money. Take common sense precautions when conducting a job search. If any job seems suspicious please call 361-882-7448.

Corpus Christi Housing Authority
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Corpus Christi, TX 78401
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High School Degree or Equivalent
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1+ to 3 Years
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Rosario Medina

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